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F/W 2023-24

Accessories "ESCAPE"

Fashion is a powerful medium of communication, and when it combines with the arts, its message becomes upsetting. 

Fashion designer Roberta Redaelli has opted to create a conceptual mood for her collection ECLèCKTICA FW2023-24 that celebrates human ability to self-determination and to choose every day to go against the flow and to break free from mass thought. 

The paintings of Italian-German artist Maria Misselbrook became the inspiration for the "Escape" collection. The Lausanne-based painter creates a personal art that stands outside schemes and trends.

A philosophy of living that perfectly embodies the Como's brand identity.

Prints depict a game of checkers and a stream of men broken by those who dare to go in the opposite direction to that imposed by society. Warm colors like granat, heliodoro, and calcedonium are contrasted with exquisite hues like hematite and pearl, which have a timeless sophistication-like scent.

Light and ethereal rufles are combined with modern and sleek designs to give the clothing a bold, sought-after appeal. Jacquards take on a whimsical quality thanks to unexpected embellishment and marry slight and sensual silks. Vinyl peeps along with trending applications.

A collection that astonishes with humor and the willingness to take a risk and speak up!
Are you ready to be enthralled?